Regional Arts Week

Since the 80's that Regional Secretariat for Education and Human Resources/ Regional Bureau for Education through the Coordinator Cabinet for Arts Education has invested in Arts training in general schooling. The range of the intervention has been extended and currently comprises a universe that goes from the pre-school to high school education. In this context, and considering the importance of overture of schools to the arts, from the stage experience to the relationship towards the public, to show the lessons learnt and the acquired skills during school, through various actions that take place in the downtown area, more specifically the Garden Party; as an example of the previous year is intended to merge into a single week, named as the Regional Arts Week which includes several events: Party in the Garden; Meetings of Art Forms; Regional Plastic Arts Exhibition and ESCOLartes (the Art of Schools).

The program includes several artistic performances in the areas of Chant, Drama / Theatre, Instrumental, Chordophones Traditional Madeiran and Dance, in addition to the Regional Exhibition of Artistic Expression, which includes painting contest. This event, on its fouth edition, provides the partaking of artistic experiences and work of about 4000 students of the local primary schools and secondary schools, in collaboration with several groups in the field of Special Education, consolidation bonds between local schools and the community, in a perspective of social openness.